Antibody Library

Platform Technology

Antibody Library

Our Company has a unique antibody library that can effectively detect fully human monoclonal antibodies with low immunogenicity in the human body but with a diversity of more than 10 billion (1 x 1010). It continues to update its antibody library to develop various types of antibodies.

Antibody Discovery

Our Company possesses technology and know-hows to effectively select and identify excellent antibodies with very high specificity to antigens using its antibody library with low immunogenicity and high diversity in the human body.

Antibody Optimization

Our Company is dedicated to the optimization of antibodies with low immunogenicity, high specificity and binding ability to antigens, and excellent stability and physical properties.

Bispecific Antibody Platform

Our Company possesses bispecific antibody engineering technology with improved efficacy. It combines fully human antigens with specificity to certain target antigens with antibody fragments that can specifically recognize different types of antigens, thereby increasing the specificity and binding ability of targets that can bind to two different types of antigens simultaneously.
In particular, it is expected that its anti-cancer bispecific antibody engineering technology that binds to two antigens respectively expressed in an immune cell and a cancer cell can make it possible for immune cells to attack cancer cells, access them, and act on them effectively.