CEO Greetings

APITBIO is a biotech company dedicated to the development of antibody-based innovative new therapeutics. It was established by a group of experts in the field of antibody development through cooperation among the industry, academia, research institute, and hospital in order to meet the needs of consumers.

APITBIO Co., Ltd. is a biotech company dedicated to developing global antibody-based new therapeutics and to producing innovative therapeutics in consideration of on-site medical needs, with humans and open innovation as our top priorities.
We, the executives and employees of APITBIO, are pursuing mutual growth. To create and share tangible and intangible values, the Company aims to create a top-class working environment where all employees can work happily.
In addition, we strive for open innovation network to encourage emergent innovations and actively cooperate with related institutions.
All executives and employees will work together and take one step forward to successfully develop antibody-based innovative new therapeutics of First-in-Class and Best-in-Class.

Thank you. CEO / Founder SEON-JOO YOON, Ph.D.