Company Overview

Antibody Platform-based Innovative Therapeutics

APITBIO is a biotech company dedicated to the development of antibody-based innovative new therapeutics. It was established by a group of experts in the field of antibody development through cooperation among the industry, academia, research institute, and hospital in order to meet the needs of consumers.

If we take a look at global anti-cancer drug development trend, various types of immuno-cancer therapeutics are mainly occupying the market of new drug development pipelines, showing high levels of unmet medical needs for new immuno-cancer therapeutics with better responsiveness than the existing ones and for drugs for patients with refractory or recurrent cancers. In addition, there is an urgent need to develop new innovative drugs with maximum effect and low side effects in the era of patient-tailored precision medicine while minimizing astronomical costs and time required for new drug development and maximizing the success rate of clinical trials.

To meet such needs, APITBIO is dedicated to developing antibody-based new innovative therapeutics through novel target and biomarker discovery platforms and through antibody discovery/optimization technology.

Antibody Discovery and Optimization Technology

We are dedicated to the development of target-specific mono- and bispecific antibody therapeutics through high performance new antibody discovery/selection system and antibody optimization technology using target proteins and in-house antibody library to discover various kinds of antibodies or antibodies with low immunogenicity.

Development of ADC / CAR-T through Cooperation

We are pursuing collaboration with ADC or CAR-T developing organizations for joint development using antibodies or antibody sequences.

New Target & Biomarker Discovery Platform

New target and biomarker discovery platforms are utilized to discover new targets and optimal clinical designs for solid cancers. They are also applied to discover new high-performance antibody therapeutics through interworking with antibody discovery platforms.

Based on its antibody-based innovation new therapeutic development platforms and outstanding R&D manpower to realize precision medicine, APITBIO strives to grow into a world-class biotech company that develops antibody-based and innovation-based new therapeutics through partnership and open innovation based on various domestic and overseas networks.